Total Golf Trainer Arm - TGT ARM - New Version

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The TGT Arm controls club face eliminating flipping and scooping at impact. Create a flat lead wrist at the top of the swing and Impact. Feel trail wrist lag in the downswing creating a dynamic shaft lean at impact, train the correct release of the arms and club for more consistent ball striking and shot shaping.

TGT ARM - 3 Main Features

  • Use on Lead or Trail Arm (Versatility)
  • The TGT Arm fits any golfer and can be used either on the wrist, or the upper arm(creating width) The versatility to use on the lead side and/or trail side makes the TGT Arm stand out as the best wrist, elbow, and arm training device on the market.
  • Provides Positive or Negative Feedback on Every Swing

The TGT Arm will provide positive or negative feedback to support flat lead wrist, bent trail wrist, and arm positions through out the swing. The training rods have touch and no touch settings for instant feedback you can feel. Fix Multiple Swing Faults Fast The TGT Arm gives golfers multiple settings to solve many common swing faults like too inside and open face takeaway, cupping the wrist or over swinging at the top, casting or coming over the top on the downswing, scooping or flipping at impact and many more. The Ideal Wrist, Elbow and Arm Position Throughout the Golf Swing. The Total Golf Trainer - Arm is an innovative training device from Total Golf Trainer that will help improve the biomechanics and movement patterns of your wrists and arms throughout the golf swing.

Correct positioning of the lead/trail wrists and arms can help solve a variety of swing faults, helping you achieve a flat left wrist position, forward shaft lean at impact, establish powerful lag in the downswing, and ensure crisp contact by helping you to avoid releasing too soon and scooping the golf ball. The device is adjustable, and easily attaches to your lead or trail wrist.

Product highlights:

  • Instant positive and negative feedback based on whether or not the red indicator ball is touching or not touching your wrist or arm. No guesswork.
  • Helps golfers achieve the ideal wrist, elbow and arm positions throughout the golf swing.
  • Achieve maximum clubface control for more consistency on all shots (full shots, pitching, and chipping).
  • Train yourself on how to create more lag, and find the coveted “slot” position on the downswing every time.
  • Total Golf Trainer - Arm is the Perfect Short Game Tool!

The wrists, elbows and arms play a big role not only in the full swing, but in the short game as well. The Total Golf Trainer Arm teaches chipping and pitching fundamental uses both positive and negative feedback to help you get both your lead wrist as well as your trail wrist to maintain proper position for maximum consistency around the greens.

The TGT Arm teaches basic bump and run chips to mega flop shots and everything in between. Bunker shots have never been easier. Get up and down from anywhere!! Whether you’re looking to get in a better position at the top of the swing, generate more lag in the downswing, achieve a perfect impact position, or reduce shots around the green the Total Golf Trainer - Arm is the Best training device on the market.

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