Swing Caddy and Swing Caddy PRO Impact & Rhythm Trainer

TITLE: Swing Caddy PRO (higher speed swing trainer)
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Swing Caddy


The Swing Caddy training aid trains you to swing clubs from Sand Wedge to Driver with 2 clicks at desirable impact/rhythm/tempo & follow-through by adjusting Control Scale for optimum distance/accuracy. 
  • Practice by selecting the desired distance and head speed.
  • Enables you to locate the correct impact point.
  • Increases your drive distance by 20 to 30 more yards with better accuracy GUARANTEED.
  • Teaches a balanced swing and follow-through.
  • Develops the muscle memory needed for a great swing.
  • Enables the correct swing rhythm and tempo.
  • This golf swing impact and rhythm trainer gives you the freedom to practice your swing indoors or outdoors.


Swing Caddy PRO  (new)

#1 Rated Golf Swing Trainer NOW WITH HIGHER SPEED CALIBRATION and WIDER DYNAMIC RANGE (25 ~ 330 YARDS up to 135mph swing speed!)

Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA, #1 Canadian Golf Coach on YouTube

"By far and away the best design and functionality in a training aid to gather more clubhead speed in Golf; it teaches you how to use the golf forces of the swing to get that speed and gives you amazing feedback with a very defined "CLICK" sound.  Because it is sleek, it behaves like a golf club; because it is a contained chamber and made of stainless steel, it lasts forever.  Great touch on the shaft to feel the load you would normally feel on a regular length club as well.  This unit has everything going for it and we use it here at the Learning Center for Wisdom in Golf on a daily basis! Worth every penny and more!” 

Brian A. Crowell, PGA

"Swing Caddy, I love it! The weighting is perfect, it's easy to calibrate and it's the perfect size for indoor practice. The Swing Caddy will quickly help golfers to understand "lag" and achieve greater club head speed through Impact (where it counts!). Training with your product will lead to a more efficient and powerful swing. I look forward to using it with my students in 2017."

Brian A. Crowell, PGA, Director of Golf, Silo Ridge Field Club, President of Met PGA Section TV Broadcaster, Radio Host and Author, Brian Crowell Golf.

Terry-Jo Myers, 3x LPGA Tour Winner, Legends Tour Player

“I find the Swing Caddy to be the first beneficial swing aid I have ever tried. I can immediately identify the feeling I am looking for with the Swing Caddy. I use the Swing Caddy in my gym as a training aid for my tour players."

Mary Mills, 9x LPGA Tour Winner including the US Open and 2x LPGA Tour Championships

“I used the Swing Caddy trainer with two very different types of students: one woman who was a medium handicap golfer; one who was a woman pro here at the Royal Palm Yacht Country Club. Both were helped with the release point feel well past the ball position. The trainer encourages more club head speed for all types of golfers. I even had a young man try the trainer who could hit the ball over 260 yards. He was impressed that the trainer gave him a feedback on not only his speed but release point!”

Katie Detlefsen, LPGA Tour Pro

"I like the clicking and think it's a valuable tool to train with. I think [The Swing Caddy] is a great practice tool to improve timing, sequencing, and to create a 'feel' for golfers to develop more distance."

Peter Croker, 2007 Teacher of the Year, PGA of Australia Victorian Section

“Swing Caddy and Hole in One are great training tools for swing timing, tempo and rhythm that will definitely increase accurate distance and lower scores!”

Claudia Redinger, Professional Golfer, National Women's Golf Association

“We have been using the Swing Caddy since we bought it at the PGA Show. I love the product and it is now the only training aid that I use during my practices and it has helped me significantly.”

John D'Amico, MSPT ATC TPI Certified Golf Fitness Edge

"At Golf Fitness Edge we use Swing Caddy at slow speed to initiate and assist our clients back to a proper swing sequence."

Note:  The Swing Caddy training aid weighs 1 lb. 5 oz. (600 grams) 

Swing Caddy Pro is the same but allows for higher swing speeds - up to 135 mph!


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