Simulator Savings Package

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SAVE BIG, buy the SPG8 hitting net, Rapsodo launch monitor, and a white projector screen, all for $1,214.99!!! Save over $441.99 dollars on this incredible golf simulator bundle package!

Package Includes:

  • SPG8 Spornia Golf Net
  • Rapsodo Launch Monitor
  • White Projector Screen 

Introducing the newest version of our SPG net, the SPG-8 XL Edition features a new, larger upgraded design specially built to withstand years of practice. 

By paying extra-close attention to detail, we’ve created a practice net that will help you realize the full potential of your new set up!



  • Automatic Ball Return to your feet for constant practice 
  • Instant Set up and Take down 
  • Ball rolls gently down not touching the floors 
  • Included target sheet protects and absorbs ball impact 
  • Get instant feedback on your shots 
  • Use for Indoor & Outdoor 
  • NEW Extra Large Design (8 ft. x 8 ft. + Roof) 
  • NEW Upgraded Premium Material for Simulation (Frame, Netting, etc.)


8 FT. x 8 FT. x 8 FT. (+ Roof extends Height of 8ft. to 10.5 ft. angled down) 

Weight: 30 LBS



Rapsodo Golf Mobile Launch Monitor

Turn Your Phone into a Golf Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Golf Mobile Launch Monitor uses the power of your iOS device to give you the precise, data-driven feedback you need to make your practice sessions more effective. Improve your golf swing with Rapsodo’s golf swing training tool. Get a clearer, more trackable understanding of your shot strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Discover how the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor can take your game to the next level with its golf swing analyzer capabilities.

Ground-Breaking Features

From shot tracking to club gapping, the Rapsodo MLM is the only golf launch monitor that provides instant feedback with video replay, an active shot tracer, and data overlay. Get industry-validated, pro-level launch data on distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, and launch direction.


Rapsodo product features panel 03

Accuracy Matters

Rapsodo understands the importance of data accuracy when it comes to improving your golf game. They continuously put the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor to the test to ensure we are providing you with accurate and reliable launch data.


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