PELZ Player Putting Cup 2 Pack

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PELZ Player Putting Cup 2 Pack With Pro Hole Reducers

The Dave PELZ Player Putting Cup can be used anywhere – both indoors and outdoors, to help improve your putting!

Package Contents:

2 x Teacher Putting Cups (regulation 4.25” Dia. Size)

2 sets  Pro hole reducers, attach one on each side of the cup to reduce the hole size to 3.75”

2 sets Super Pro hole reducers, leaving the Pro reducers in place, add a Super Pro reducer to each side and the cup width is reduced to 3.25” diameter. (WARNING: For Experts Only!)


Use the hole reducers to increase the difficulty level within your own practice sessions for starting your putts on-line, while maintaining good putting speed. Putting to a smaller hole is far superior practice compared to putting to a regulation  sized hole, as it teaches golfers to marry speed and line to find the perfect putt.


Practice Note from the desk of Dave:

Be competitive – putt for bragging rights, or who cleans the dishes - because competition helps a golfer learn to focus! It will also help if you can set up a putting area – with a nice surface (like the PELZ Player Putting Mat), your PELZ Player training aids, and distances of 3’, 6’, 9’ and 12’ marked of - to let you practice while in the comfort of your own home. 

Easy access to putting practice, with good feedback, is the key to improving your putting. 

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