Impact Snap! Impact Training Device

Title: Impact SNAP! (Right-Handed)
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The Impact Snap! golf training device is the only device that truly trains the wrists how to operate. For instructors, it saves thousands of words and saves students a lot of time in learning how to use the wrists in a golf swing. Use the Impact Snap golf trainer for chipping, pitching and full swing.

The Key to consistency is the impact position. Too many golfers flip, roll or cast their hands, breaking the wrists down through impact.


The solution is 3 moves to get into a great impact position.


  1. Lead forearm supination / trail forearm pronation.
  2. Lead wrist flexion / trail wrist extension
  3. Ulnar deviation in both wrists to snap downwards.


The Impact Snap! golf swing wrist snap tool trains all of these moves FAST and in real-time as the movements occur. 








Success Stories:

"The Impact Snap has provided the feeling I need to achieve that great impact position and everything else has just seemed to fall into place alongside that. I'm clearing my hips much better, moving off my right side well into impact and critically not losing my height which has been my golfing nemesis.

Well done on producing such a clever training aid."

Richard S-   United Kingdom


"I am delighted to report that for the first time in my golf career, at least 50 years, I can hit a ball solidly, repeatedly.  What a great feeling. Most golfers from time to time, have hit a ball that just gave the sound of a pure "crack" at impact.  With the Impact Snap guiding the correct feeling and motion, I can repeat this over and over again. Just a tremendous feeling."

Dan G, Plano, TX


"By the way, when asked, I tell my buddies that the Impact Snap is the reason for my increased distance. Since I have started using the Impact Snap, my good drives are going 260 now instead of 240. The ball rolls out much better. I hit one 290 yesterday.   It has also eliminated my tendency to get the club stuck behind me."    

Jerry, Arkansas


"I came in contact with this device from a friend who had purchased the device and was on the range.  After explaining the concept I used the device for two (2) minutes, picked a nine iron and immediately achieved incredible impact strikes.  I have never experienced or seen results like this ever.  Your creator is a genius."



"Two weeks ago I ordered my ImpactSnap and began working with it per the instructional videos on your site. The improvement in my swing is incredible. I'm taking beautiful divots for the first time. The ball flight is lower, boring with a hint of draw. I'm hitting all my irons a club further. Your product has almost instantly flipped the switch for me that years of lessons and videos could not.

Congratulations on a terrific product!"

Charles-  Georgia


"It works. I have taught golf for fifty-five years and this device stands alone. Congratulations to you all."

Charlie Cowan
PGA Director of Golf Education
Deer Creek Golf & CC. 


"Just wanted to give you some feedback that I'm receiving from several of my clients. Every student that went to the website and purchased the Impact Snap have greatly improved their ball flight, simply because their impact conditions have improved immensely. 

I am a believer in this product as it provides the proper feel and sound to encourage the proper movement patterns, thus making my job as an Instructor easier. After all making the game more fun for the student is what it's all about. Thank you."

A.J. Avoli 
Director of Instruction Omni La Costa


"Where can I leave you a review? I am an 8 handicap.  I have been flipping and casting for weeks and could not shake it.  I received the device on Thursday, worked with it, went to the driving range with the device.  The feeling translated to my body quickly.  I played this morning and shot an easy 73 with a double bogey in the round.  Wow!  I came home from the driving range yesterday and ordered a device for my brother in Atlanta.  I would like to be able to share this story!"

Mike T - Stonewall Georgia


"Just FYI since I started using it I've shot even par for 3 consecutive rounds normally I shoot around really is an awesome aid."

Griffen S - Alabama



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