Golf Stretching Pole

TITLE: Tour Model w/ detachable handle
Sale price$409.99 CAD

We sell the Tour model of the Golf Stretching Pole which features a hinged handle. The Tour model can be converted back to a standard model so it is the ultimate warmup model. 

Most people are not ready to swing fully because they lack proper flexibility.

But now, with the Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole, you can stretch the muscles necessary to make a big, full swing. The golf stretching device complies with USGA Rule 14-3 and may be stored in the golf bag for use while you play.

"Flexibility is perhaps the most important aspect in making a correct and full golf swing. Poor flexibility can be very detrimental to the development of a repeatable swing that utilizes the body's full potential. If a golfer does not have the proper flexibility to complete the turn, they will often finish the swing with a bad sway to the right, a serious bend of the left arm, or by picking up their head.
Added flexibility not only helps prevent injury but also helps the turning of the torso on the backswing. This is the key element of the swing that produces power: a full balanced turn of the upper body, coupled with a lower body that resists this turn. Young or old, beginner or expert, the stretching pole will help you keep your athletic edge."
-Hugh Reilly, PGA Life Member

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